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Monday, July 15, 2019  
Warami, wellama bami, budyari yaguna
Welcome, wherever you come from, good day
                                                    from language teacher Richard Green

GlebeNaidoc | Glebe history tour

Mum Shirl - Black Saint of Redfern 4-27 July
opening: Ray Minniecon | Jeff McMullen | Mick Asher
Peter Smith - Mum Shirl's grandson

    the aunties Beryl Van Oploo & Ali Golding

Pt 1

Pt 2
Jumbunna's panel discussions


Women and children were at the heart of the protest
that birthed NAIDOC [Suzanne Ingram]

Mudgin-gal VID
👣👣👣 & The Settlement was LIVE

Mudgin-gal would like to thank all the women and
children who made our ceremony dance deadly..❤️👣
two new initiatives
    18 July 2019  

'The final quarter' - Channel 10 & WIN at 7.30pm
second film 'The Australian dream' coming August 22
    4 August 2019  

heaps of history & deadly interviews

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There goes our
    Alexandria Redfern Waterloo  

photos & memories
Barani/Barrabugu = Yesterday/Tomorrow - Sydney walking tour
Walking in their footsteps

     the mob .. for the mob..  






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