Redfern oral history Aboriginal Koori Block Eveleigh AHC Gadigal
Thursday, April 9, 2020  
Warami, wellama bami, budyari yaguna
Welcome, wherever you come from, good day
                                                    from language teacher Richard Green
    6 April 2020  

for homescholars 🏦 playlist of lectures eg Gadigal
… the social history of Redfern too [Matt Poll]
    6 April 2020  

history lesson from Foley - black power beginnings
 1970 the first major Land Rights march
    25 March - 24 April  

watch with sbsondemand for 30 days

includes Bruce Shillingsworth, of Waterloo

heaps of history & deadly interviews

check out our uploads and hundreds of favourites
    Alexandria Redfern Waterloo  
Barani/Barrabugu = Yesterday/Tomorrow - Sydney walking tour
Walking in their footsteps







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the Block
ISJA Amnesty Redfern Action Group
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