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timeline of the Eveleigh St mural
    1990 ish  

early days [City of Sydney archives]
February 1994

The recently completed mural along the wall between Pemulwuy Park and Redfern railway can only be described as 'community owned'. Although Council-funded and sponsored, the mural began with the establishment of a working party which included representatives of Council, Aboriginal elders, organisations and other residents. The working party consulted widely, selected the artists and developed the design brief.

The mural was designed by Danny Eastwood [NAIDOC Aboriginal Artist of the Year in 1993] and local artist James Simon. Local residents contributed significantly to the final product, which is now a source of pride not only for the Aboriginal community but all of South Sydney.

South Sydney Aboriginal Development Program by South Sydney City Council

    1994 - 2019  

Patricia Baillie took a lot of photos of people near
this mural 2003-4. The best way to find most of them
 seems to be a search for 'Eveleigh Street mural' in
    February / March 2021  

Artist in residence with Dad | Jamie Eastwood

renewing the mural with Jamie & friend John | Danny Eastwood

Another day at the office !!! On the BRUSHES!!!

to be completed soon depending on wet weather [Jamie]
p h o t o s



photos by Paul Bourke
Redfern public art in City of Sydney archives

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researched by Bella Bisazza and Adam Bajjada

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